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Museum Accession No. Object Name Country of Origin Period Provenance
AN1909.196 Anglo-Saxon Jewelled Disc Brooch Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1909.822 Byzantine Earrings Germany Byzantine Mainz, Germany
AN1927.199 Roman Crossbow Fibula Brooch) Britain Roman Said to be from Cambridgeshire
AN1909.775 Early Medieval Brooch Italy Early Medieval Italy
AN1927.883 Iron Age Mirror Handle Ireland Iron Age Ballybogy Bog, north of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland
AN1909.654 Frankish Brooch France Early Medieval Amiens, France
AN1928.221g Palaeolithic Handaxe from St Acheul France Lower Palaeolithic (c. 350,000-400,000 years ago) Quarry near St Acheul, Amiens (Somme), France
AN1890.14 Anglo-Saxon Abingdon Sword Britain Anglo-Saxon Abingdon, Oxfordshire
AN1909.517 Anglo-Saxon Garnet 'Bead' Britain Anglo-Saxon Forest Gate, Essex
AN1909.239i Anglo-Saxon Cruciform Brooch Britain Anglo-Saxon Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire
AN1909.661a-l Frankish Grave Group France Early Medieval Picquigny, France
AN1909.216 Anglo-Saxon Spindlewhorl Britain Anglo-Saxon Canterbury, Kent
AN1909.309 Anglo-Saxon Spindlewhorl Britain Anglo-Saxon Near Cambridge
AN1909.194 Anglo-Saxon Bracteate Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1909.162 Anglo-Saxon Beads Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1909.224 Anglo-Saxon Spindlewhorl Britain Anglo-Saxon Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire
AN1909.816 Italo-Byzantine Brooch Italy Italo-Byzantine Benevento, Italy
AN1909.519-551 Cuerdale Hoard Britain Viking Cuerdale Hall, near Preston, Lancashire
AN1909.455 Anglo-Saxon Gold and Garnet Buckle Britain Anglo-Saxon Tostock, Suffolk
AN1927.5806 Neolithic Polished Stone Axe France Neolithic Amiens, France
AN1927.1521 Bronze Age Axehead Slovakia Bronze Age Slovakia
AN1927.1541 Bronze Age Axehead Serbia Bronze Age River Danube, Belgrade, Serbia
AN1927.2012 Neolithic Bowl Spain Neolithic El Argar, Spain
AN1927.1527 Bronze Age Axehead Slovenia Bronze Age Pacatz, Slovenia
AN1927.1528 Bronze Age Decorated Axehead Hungary Bronze Age Hungary
AN1927.2323 Bronze Age Torc France Bronze Age Carcasone, France
AN1909.751 Early Medieval Disc Brooch Germany Early Medieval Andernach, Rhineland, central Germany
AN1927.2315-2322 Bronze Age Hoard France Bronze Age Fresne-la-Mere, Falaise in the Calvados region of Normandy, France
AN1927.6532 Post-Medieval Pen and Ink Holder Britain Post-Medieval Unknown
AN1928.271 Palaeolithic Antler Harpoon France Late Upper Palaeolithic (c. 13,000-12,000 years ago) La Madelaine, Dordogne, France
AN1927.1530 Bronze Age Shaft Hole Axehead Hungary Bronze Age Carpathian Basin, Hungary
AN1909.207 Anglo-Saxon Jewelled Pendant Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1927.564 Roman Head of Attis Britain Roman Mildenhall, Suffolk
AN1909.453 Anglo-Saxon Ixworth Cross Britain Anglo-Saxon Ixworth, Suffolk
AN1909.305 Anglo-Saxon Decorated Bucket Britain Anglo-Saxon Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire
AN1909.144 Anglo-Saxon Beads Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1909.155 Anglo-Saxon Beads Britain Anglo-Saxon Faversham, Kent
AN1927.2020 Bronze Age String of Beads Spain Bronze Age El Argar, Spain
AN1927.5302 Neolithic Stone loomweight Spain Neolithic El Argar, Spain
AN1927.991, AN1927.993, AN1927.997 Hallstatt Necklaces Austria Early Iron Age Halstatt, Austria
AN1927.77 Anglo-Saxon Cinerary Urn Britain Anglo-Saxon Lackford, Suffolk
AN1927.2956 Bronze Age Gold Bracelet Britain Bronze Age Lincolnshire
AN1927.2668 Bronze Age Palstave Britain Bronze Age Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales
AN1927.6367 Medieval Strap Distributor Britain Medieval Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
AN1927.6476 Medieval Figure in a Shroud Britain Medieval Horncastle, Lincolnshire
AN1896-1908 Pr57 Neolithic Axehead Britain Neolithic Abingdon, Oxfordshire
AN1927.3503 Bronze Age Dagger Britain Bronze Age Fiskerton, Lincolnshire
AN1927.2490-2519 Bronze Age Hoard Britain Bronze Age Isle of Harty, Kent
AN1927.2958 Bronze Age Gold Earring Britain Bronze Age Dover, Kent
AN1909.828 Byzantine Buckle with Greek monogram Crete Byzantine Selinos, Crete
AN1927.1763 Bronze Age Razor Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1765 Bronze Age Razor Denmark Bronze Age Torup, Thisted Jutland, Denmark
AN1927.1764 Bronze Age Razor Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1769 Bronze Age Razor Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1843 Bronze Age Belt Box Denmark Bronze Age Aero, Sobygard Mark, Denmark
AN1927.1735 Bronze Age Spearhead Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1740 Bronze Age Axehead Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1815 Bronze Age Stud Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.1783 Bronze Age Tweezers Denmark Bronze Age Denmark
AN1927.4930 Neolithic Stone Axe-Hammer Denmark Neolithic Denmark
AN1927.4987 Iron Age Whetstone from Nydam Denmark Iron Age Nydam, Denmark
AN1927.6659-6660 Iron Age Torcs Britain Iron Age Ulceby, Lincolnshire
AN1927.440 Roman Horse and Rider Brooch Britain Roman Brettenham, Norfolk
AN1927.2949 Bronze Age Hair-Ring Ireland Late Bronze Age Ballyboley, Co. Antrim, Ireland
AN1927.2948 Bronze Age Hair-Ring Ireland Late Bronze Age Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
AN1927.2950 Bronze Age Hair-Ring Ireland Late Bronze Age Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
AN1927.2762 Bronze Age Axehead Ireland Bronze Age Ireland
AN1927.2906 Bronze Age Horse Bit Ireland Bronze Age Armagh, Ireland
AN1927.123 Late Anglo-Saxon Drinking-Horn Terminal Ireland Late Anglo-Saxon Ireland
AN1927.2930 Bronze Age Gold Lunula Ireland Bronze Age Middleton, Co. Cork, Ireland
AN1927.1441 Etruscan Dagger Italy Iron Age Near Chiusi, Tuscany, Italy
AN1927.1903 Iron Age Brooch Italy Iron Age Terni, Italy
AN1927.1929 Iron Age Sword Italy Iron Age Palermo, Sicily, Italy
AN1927.1713 Iron Age(?) Ceramic Vase Poland Iron Age? Wroclaw, Poland
AN1927.1711 Bronze Age Ceramic Jug Poland Bronze Age Szczecin, Poland
AN1927.1682 Bronze Age Decorated Strip (or tool) Poland Bronze Age Wroclaw, Poland
AN1927.1244 Bronze Age Sickle Poland Bronze Age Kamieniec, Poland
AN1927.1236 Bronze Age Torc Fragment Poland Bronze Age Kamieniec, Poland
AN1927.1239 Bronze Age Fibula Poland Bronze Age Kamieniec, Poland
AN1927.2330 Bronze Age Looped Axehead Spain Bronze Age The Asturias, Spain
AN1927.2010 Bronze Age Bowl Spain Bronze Age El Argar, Spain.
AN1909.518 Anglo-Saxon Sword Pommel Britain Anglo-Saxon Windsor, Berkshire
AN1927.3995 Neolithic Scraper Britain Neolithic Stonehenge, Wiltshire