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Book Published 31 May 2008 - Sir John Evans (1823-1908). Antiquity, Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin. IBSN 1 85444 237 6

Cover of Book Entitled - Sir John Evans (1923-1908) Antiquity,Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin

This volume published by the Ashmolean Museum and edited by Arthur MacGregor, was launched as part of this project on 31 May 2008.

Conference on the History of British Archaeology at Oxford

In Britain, the 1860s were years of profound cultural and intellectual change. The growing interest in the British past forged new relationships between archaeologists, anthropologists and other scientific groups. In Oxford, these groups formed new disciplinary interests and commitments, and with them, new structures in teaching, museums and organizational expectations.

A multidisciplinary conference, held on 31 March - April 2007 at Wolfson College, Oxford, as part of the Sir John Evans Project, aimed to examine the way in which these various interests contributed to current archaeological practices.The papers are currently being prepared for publication by the conference organizers, Susanne Bangert and Megan Price.

Download conference poster (pdf icon pdf document 584 KB)

Seminar to commemorate Sir John Evans, Society of Antiquaries on the 150th anniversary of Evans's lecture to the Society of Antiquaries

On the 150th anniversary of Evans's lecture to the Society of Antiquaries confirming the antiquity of discoveries made by Boucher de Perthes, a seminar was held which examined aspects of Evans's contributions to archaeology, geology and the development of museum collections.