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Sir John Evans: Learned Societies and Awards


Learned societies

Evans belonged to many of the learned societies of his day and achieved high office in many of them.

Royal Numismatic Society Society of Antiquaries
  Elected (1849)   Elected (1852)
  Editor of Numismatic Chronicle (1858-1908)   Vice-President (1876-1885)
  Secretary (1871-1874)   President (1885-1892)
  President (1874-1908)    
  Awarded Society Medal (1887 and 1899)    
Geological Society Royal Society
  Elected (1857)   Elected (1864)
  Secretrary (1866-1874)   Vice-President (1876-1878)
  President (1874-1876)   Treasurer (1878-1898)
  Foreign Secretary (1895-1907)    
  Awarded Lyell Medal (1880)    
  Awarded posthumously Prestwich Medal (1909)    
The Athenaeum Royal Anthropological Institute
  Elected (1865)   Founding member (1871)
      President (1877-1879)
Society of Chemical Industry British Museum
  President (1891-1893)   Permanent Trustee (1892-1908)
British Association    
  President (1897-1898)    

Academic honours

Evans's academic honours included:

  • Honorary Member, Société Royale de Luxembourg in 1851
  • Corresponding Member, Société d'Emulation, Abbeville in 1859
  • Honorary Member, Instituto de Correspondenza Archaeologica di Roma in 1865
  • Corresponding Member, Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie in 1874
  • Honorary Doctorate from Oxford University in 1877
  • Foreign Member, Société d'Anthropologie de Paris in 1877
  • Honorary Doctorate from Dublin University in 1878
  • Honorary Member, American Philosophical Society in 1881
  • Knight Commander of the Order of San Thiago (Santiago) of Portugal in 1881
  • Correspondant de l'Institut (Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres) in 1887
  • Honorary Member, Royal Irish Academy in 1883
  • Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1888
  • Honorary Doctorate from Cambridge University in 1890
  • Honorary Member, Société Géologique de Belgique in 1891
  • Honorary Doctorate from Toronto University in 1897
  • Corresponding Member, Accademia delle Scienze, Bologna in 1897
  • KCB (Knight Commander of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath) in 1892
  • Honorary Fellow of Brasenose College in 1903
  • Officer of the Order of St. Charles of Monaco in 1905

Other awards

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Fellow of the Geological Society

Fellow of the Linnean Society

Fellow of the Royal Society

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