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The Launch of a New Publication about John Evans - 31 May 2008

Cover of Book Entitled - Sir John Evans (1923-1908) Antiquity,Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin

The book, Sir John Evans (1823-1908). Antiquity, Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin was launched on the centenary of Sir John Evans's death, on 31 May 2008 and was very well attended.

A buffet lunch was followed by a welcome from the Director of the Museum, Christopher Brown and an introduction by Arthur MacGregor (editor of the volume). The following speakers then presented a number of talks:

  • Michael Stanyon (Apsley Papertrail) - 'Evans and the paper industry'.
  • Nick Barton ( Professor in Palaeolithic Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology) - 'Evans, human antiquity and The Ancient Stone Implements'.
  • Brendon O'Connor (Independent Researcher on Bronze Age tools) talked on 'Evans and the Ancient Bronze Implements'.
  • Philip de Jersey (Guernsey Museum) -'Evans and The Ancient British Coinage'
  • Suzanne Bangert (Project Research Assistant 2005-2007) - 'Evans and the international scholarly networks'.

The talks were followed by a reception with the book and website being launched by His Excellency Birger Riis-Jorgensen, Danish Ambassador to Great Britain.

Arthur, the Danish Ambassador and Christopher Brown
Arthur MacGregor, Birger Riis-Jorgensen and Christopher Brown
S. Bangert and the Danish Ambassador
Susanne Bangert and the Danish Ambassador, Birger Riis-Jorgensen

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Images of Evans objects
Evans's related images, as displayed at the launch

Sir John Evans (1823-1908). Antiquity, Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin, is published by the Ashmolean Museum and is available to purchase from the Ashmolean Museum website.

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