Sir John Evans Centenary Project - image background is marbled paper from one of John Evans's books John Evans Numismatic Society Medal 1899

Contents of the Volume - Sir John Evans (1823-1908). Antiquity, Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin

Cover of Book Entitled - Sir John Evans (1923-1908) Antiquity,Commerce and Natural Science in the Age of Darwin

Part I: Introduction

Chapter One Sir John Evans, model Victorian, polymath and collector (Arthur MacGregor)
Chapter Two The business foundation for a public career: Evans, the paper industry and life at Nash Mills (Jill Penwarden and Michael Stanyon)

Part II: Scientist and Archaeologist

Chapter Three Evans, geology and palaeontology (Patrick J. Boylan)
Chapter Four The Hydrogeological work of Sir John Evans: his role in the battle between geologists and engineers for the water of the Chilterns (J.D. Mather)
Chapter Five Reading the unwritten history: Evans and Ancient Stone Implements (Alison Roberts and Nick Barton)
Chapter Six 'Au silence et au travail': Evans and the Bronze Age (Brendon O'Connor)
Chapter Seven Evans and antiquities from the Roman to the post-medieval period (Arthur MacGregor)

Part III: Numismatist

Chapter Eight Evans and ancient British coins (Philip de Jersey)
Chapter Nine Evans and the Roman coinage (Cathy King)
Chapter Ten Evans and the English coinage (Lord Stewartby)

Part IV: Crossing Borders, Crossing Disciplines

Chapter Eleven A significant friendship: Evans, Lubbock and a Darwinian world order (Janet Owen)
Chapter Twelve Evans, Scandinavia and international exchange networks (Susanne Bangert)
Chapter Thirteen Evans's sketches from the human antiquity controversy: epistemological proxies in the making (Assimina Kaniari)

Part V: Appendices

Appendix I Nash Mills from the Hertfordshire Standard and St. Albans Citizen, 1891
Appendix II Bibliography of the works of Sir John Evans
Appendix III The Sir John Evans Centenary Project at the Ashmolean Museum