Sir John Evans Centenary Project - image background is marbled paper from one of John Evans's books John Evans Numismatic Society Medal 1899

These objects were in the Joseph Warren collection, subsequently purchased by Evans

Joseph Warren moved to Ixworth in Suffolk in 1818, setting up his watch and clockmaking business. He was also the postmaster of Ixworth for over forty years. Warren had a great interest in antiquites and began collecting his own objects, mostly from the surrounding area. Evans purchased a substantial portion of these objects in 1866, along with the very detailed catalogue Warren had kept. The catalogue describes the objects in detail, where they came from and from whom Warren had acquired them. Sotheby's dispersed Warren's coin and medal collection in 1869.


The 'Tostock' buckle was found in 1843 near Tostock House, Tostock, a village about 10 miles east of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. It was purchased by J. Warren in 1851 and acquired by Sir John Evans, and finally presented to the Ashmolean Museum by Sir Arthur Evans in 1909, where it is regarded as one of the Asmolean's 'treasures'.


the Tostock Buckle

Anglo-Saxon gold and garnet buckle AN1909.455

The following are just a few of the objects from Warren's catalogue:
Roman pot
Roman Nene valley colour-coated ware from Icklingham, Suffolk, from the original page in the catalogue
Roman pot
(AN1896-1908 R228)
the actual vase in the Ashmolean collection
square headed brooch
the page from the catalogue, showing the large square headed gilded brooch from West Stow, the bird brooch and the horse brooch
copper alloy cruciform brooch

the actual brooch in the Ashmolean collection

brooch in the form of a cockerel
Copper alloy brooch in the form of a bird with 13 small studs. From Ixworth, Suffolk (AN1927.6294)
broochCopper alloy brooch with the image of a horse (AN1909.457)
brooch from Waldingfield
page from catalogue

enammeled brooch
the actual copper alloy enamelled brooch, with the imprint of a caleevs. From Waldingfield, Suffolk (AN1927.350)
other objects from the Warren collection:
enamelled brooch
copper alloy brooch with four trefoil knobs; the central stud is missing, but some blue enamelling remains (AN1927.307)
copper alloy girdlehanger
copper alloy Anglo-Saxon girdle hanger from the Anglo-Saxon site at West Stow Heath, Suffolk (AN1909.418)
brooch pin
copper alloy zoomorphic style brooch from Ixworth, Suffolk (AN1909.450)

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